Sir Joseph Banks – Rooted in Lincolnshire



Sir Joseph Banks was one of Lincolnshire’s most outstanding residents.  He spent his childhood roaming his father’s estate in Revesby and visited the county every year for most of his adult life.  Banks became a botanist, explorer and patron of the arts and sciences with a reputation and influence that spanned the globe.  He sailed with Captain Cook on the Endeavour; founded the Botanical Gardens at Kew; was a personal friend of King George III and President of the Royal Society for 42 years. 

This is a book of trails through which the author, Jean Shaftoe Burton, leads the reader to follow in his footsteps.  It offers glimpses on how he dealt with day to day problems and the opportunities afforded to a man of world renown.  It has simple to follow maps and is beautifully illustrated.  

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By Jean Shaftoe Burton


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